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Zahra Farhang, Luxury Travel Advisor

About Sonder Trip

Welcome to Sonder Trip, where each journey begins with a story—the story of a deep-seated passion for extraordinary travel experiences. My name is Zahra Farhang, and I am the founder of Sonder Trip. I established this agency to bring a new level of personalized luxury to discerning travelers around the world.

Zahra Farhang

Founder & Luxury Travel Specialist

Our Philosophy

At Sonder Trip, luxury travel is redefined. It's not merely about lavish accommodations and exclusive services; it's about how these experiences seamlessly integrate to create a journey that speaks directly to your soul. I am dedicated to transforming the typical travel itinerary into a personally enriching adventure that you will remember for a lifetime.


Our Journey

The inception of Sonder Trip was inspired by my own global adventures and professional background. After studying Tourism Management in Rome, Italy, and living in four different countries, I gained a unique perspective on the myriad ways people interact with places and cultures. My travels to over 25 countries have not only enhanced my expertise but also deepened my commitment to curating travel experiences that highlight the essence of each destination through its hidden gems and local secrets.

Our Commitment

From the moment I embarked on my first solo travel adventure, I knew that exploring the world would change my life. It’s this transformative power of travel that I aim to share with you at Sonder Trip. Here, it’s not just about seeing new places but experiencing them in ways that are profoundly personal and extraordinarily luxurious. I am committed to using my expertise and personal insights to craft not just vacations, but experiences that are as enriching as they are memorable. I understand the nuances that make a good trip great and a great trip unforgettable.

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Your Next Chapter

Let Sonder Trip be the curator of your next travel story. Together, we will create more than just a vacation; we’ll create your next treasured memory. With us, your journey is crafted with passion, delivered with excellence, and destined to be extraordinary.

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